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Executive Surveillance or ESS Systems was started in June 1981 by President Anthony Marino. Originally a contract labor company for large security companies, in a very short time ESS was able to install and service its own subscribers that were all referred to ESS. From that time on, ESS has consistently grown and expanded its services for its present subscriber base and new cliental.

Our Team

Most of ESS employees have been with the company for longer than ten years. ESS main officers have over 100 years of experience in designing, installing and servicing all types of security systems, including Alarms, Fire, Access control, Video Cameras. ESS has ten full time employees with subcontract crews and several part time assistants. Because of our unique organization we are able to employ less personnel but are able to achieve more production. This is evidenced by the longevity of our staff and crews.


ESS has installed thousands of both alarm and video systems from small residences to 50,000 square foot estates, to large commercial and industrial complexes. ESS has installed many systems for Fortune 500 companies, members of the Forbes 100 Wealthiest people and the largest Chinese gold coin importer. All employees have had factory in house training and certifications for different systems we service and install.




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The Hale Corporation

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Childrens Hospital


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